It was a pure delight to work with Laurie Anderson, selling my home of 10+ years was very overwhelming to me,  at the time it felt as though the project was bigger than life and much too large for me to tackle.   I made a call to Laurie, she literally made this important life changing process, easy and very manageable at each step in the process.    She took care of all the details from our first phone call to well past closing on my new home!   The quality of my life has significantly improved as a result of working with Laurie, I literally trusted her with my life and today I am beyond happy I did so.   Laurie is professional, honest, creative, kind, brilliant, trustworthy and acts with the utmost integrity. Thank you Laurie!”

– Natalie Atwood


I have been involved in two different home sales and one purchase with Laurie. She is very responsive and is a pleasure to work with. Her experience proved to be very valuable as she was able to effectively screen offers and provided me with only the best most qualified buyers. I would highly recommend Laurie, her service and expertise are worth every penny.”

– Don Youngberg


We Hired Laurie Anderson to sell our custom home in 2016. This was the fourth home we have sold, “She is a step above any agent” we ever worked with. Her integrity and positive attitude made the selling process very easy. We would highly recommend Laurie for any purchase or any sale of your home.

– Rick & LeAnn Knoor


My wife and I were looking at selling our home and wanted to make sure we knew where we would be for the proper sales price. We knew exactly the best person to call, Laurie Anderson. Laurie has represented us on the sell and purchases of multiple properties over the years. Laurie came in and assessed our home and made some suggestions for how we could make some minor changes that could make a big difference. Laurie also has great experience in staging homes for sell so she gave us that guidance as well when the minor changes were completed. Our home looked absolutely amazing and we were very pleased with her suggestions. She even provided a great reference for the work to be done. We listed our home on Friday, on Monday we had two offers above asking price then accepted one of the offers on Tuesday. She walked us through what the process would be and clarified some things that were needed from our offer. This was a very quick and exciting experience from my wife and I. We knew Laurie was and is the only Real Estate agent we will use. Thanks Laurie for all your hard work and making us feel assured throughout the entire sales process.”

– Colin Archuleta


We partnered with Laurie Anderson to sell our home in Salt Lake City with the expectation of moving out in a few months. Laurie was efficient, personal and successful! We appreciated her diligence and honesty and we would highly recommend her to friends and family! Thank you, Laurie, you were great!”

Rick & LeAnn Knoor